The Prisoner, Chapter 2

Alright, a little belated, but here is chapter 2 of my short story. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy!

J. D. Sonnenberg

Chapter 2: The Discovery

The young man stared at the book on the floor with a mix of horror and disbelief, the page that he had read contained one of his past blunders, a lapse of judgement that he had tried hard to forget, a fault that he had taken numerous precautions to hide, to keep a secret, a mistake that he thought no one had discovered.

Looking back up to the shelf, the man eyed another book. He reached for the book, but hesitated as his hand was halfway, then he wrapped his hand over the black leather spine. “They can’t all be so terrible”, he thought to himself. He removed the book from the shelf, he stared at it in his hand still unsure if he would read it. He ran the index finger of his left hand over the foredge of the book before prying it open to the first page.

A state of panic set in as the man read another of his crimes. He threw the book to the ground and grabbed another, and another, his heartbeat rising with every line he read, his vision blurring from the increasing amounts of epinephrine coursing through his veins. He continued until he stood in front of an empty shelf with a pile of books at his feet. His vision began to clear as he stared at the pile of books that were at his feet. “These books are all filled with every mistake, every crime I’ve ever committed, and written in such excruciating detail that not even I could remember. How could someone record all of this?”, he wondered in absolute horror, as he looked at all the other shelves in the room.

I have to get out of here!”, thought the man as he rushed over to the door as fast as his protesting legs would allow. Reaching for the handle he gave it a tug, “locked”, he tried again, pulling at the door with all his strength, but to no avail. The door was fastened with a three-inch deadbolt made of ballistic-grade steel, though he couldn’t have known this. He looked at the lock next, located below the handle. Wondering if he could pick it, but the lock was far too complicated and he lacked any tools that would be needed to pick a lock, not so much as a hairpin.

His next thought was to destroy the books, but as he walked towards the nearest shelf, he decided it would prove impossible with the number of volumes contained there. After further reasoning he decided that whomever had imprisoned him would have thought of the possibility and have taken the necessary precautions and keep backup records. As he stood there pondering what was to be done, he started at a sudden noise, produced from something behind him.

To be Continued…


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