The Prisoner, Chapter 3

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since my last post, I’ve finished the third chapter to my short story, I hope you have been enjoying it so far. Love you guys!

J. D. Sonnenberg

Chapter 3: The Judge

He turned to see another man who had just stepped through the door, which was promptly locked behind him. The man looked familiar, he was much older, he had large muscled frame, a serious yet not unkind face, and silvery-gray hair that was trimmed close. It was his eyes though that caught the attention of the younger man, his eyes, a pale and icy blue, were those of someone who knew far more than their years and someone who was no stranger to grief.

It was obvious to the younger man that he knew this stranger, but he did not know how and from where he knew him, he stared dully towards the man trying to recover any memories that might be available to him. The older man was the first to break the silence, “Good morning Adam, how are you feeling?”. The man’s voice, just like his features, was deep and powerful, yet he spoke with a gentle tone. After recovering from the shock at hearing another voice for what felt like the first time in eons, and the surprise at hearing his own name, Adam attempted to form a response. He was tired, sore, and now that he thought about it, quite hungry. “As well as I can be. I am very hungry though… s-sir.” He answered, beginning to stutter.

The older man responded with a quick smile, and by returning to the door and knocking once. The door opened and a bowl was handed through the opening to the man. Adam had tried to see through the doorway so that he might at least have an idea where he was, but the light from outside was blinding in contrast to the darkness of his cell.

The door was locked once again and the man stretched his right hand with the bowl towards Adam, it was meat and potato stew. Adam snatched the plate abruptly and started gorging himself on the food that might otherwise be bland and unappetizing, with no hint of salt or seasoning to be found. As he finished, he felt just a little ashamed by his action of grabbing the food from the older man, he looked up and nodded appreciatively at him, and handing him the bowl. The older man responded in kind, nodding back and smiled, both in amusement at Adam’s actions and in gladness to satiated at least one of the younger man’s needs.

Taking the bowl, setting it on the floor next to the door and turning back to Adam. Adam looked up at him now, and the older man could see the question in his eyes; “why am I here?”. The older man’s mood changed, and his smile faded as he took on a more impassible demeanor. After standing there for a moment, thinking of the words he would use, he looked at Adam then began to speak. “I am to be your judge during the upcoming trial.”, he gestured to the bookshelves, “These are your crimes. The sentence you face is death”.

To be Continued…


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