Here’s a little thought I’ve been tumbling around for awhile, I really think it is something we need to always be thinking about. Be sure to look up that verse too, it’s a good one  ;).


The Beginning

I found a song the other day that just kinda struck a chord with my soul, while I listen to this song I just think of God’s amazing love for us. He loves us even when we are apart from and/or disobedient to Him, and He is always so willing to forgive us when we come back to Him and turn away from our former ways. This turning back is a new beginning in our lives, the beginning of a new chapter of our lives, the beginning of a closer walk with our savior.

I’ve been through some struggles recently, I had turned my back on God, I was so stuck in my ways that I was unwilling to heed His warnings. But He pulled me out of the place I was in and set me down there near at hand, and as he did I realized what had happened and all the wrongs I had done,  I broke down and cried for a long while, sorry for everything I had done, not even able to look into my God’s loving eyes, for I could see His love for me despite all the things I’d done to hurt Him.

This is the turning point, this is my new beginning. And as listen to this song and I ponder God’s love, I feel his arms around me and I smile, because even if this world hates me, my God loves me, and that is enough.

The Beginning by Factor Eight

An Irish Blessing

Here’s something I put together a few years ago when one of my best friends got married. I mashed together a few of my favorite Irish blessings, I think there are three of them in here, I put a background to it and framed it for my two friends, whenever I visit them I see it up on the wall and am reminded of that day that they were joined together before God. Love you guys!